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Tires / AlignmentsIf you think about it, the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road below you is the tires. With that being said, it is easy to see why keeping your tires in tip-top shape is of the utmost importance when it comes to the safety and driveability of your vehicle. This doesn’t just mean not driving on bald or damaged tires, either; keeping your tires perfectly aligned is a big part of keeping your vehicle safe. When you think of tire services, tire repair, or wheel alignments in Shepherdstown, WV, the only name you should trust is Cool Green Auto.

New Tires Shepherdstown WV

So you were driving down the road and you didn’t see that pothole. You pull over and see a huge rip in the sidewall of your tire. Or maybe, you’ve been driving on the same tires for too long and you’ve noticed they are starting to resemble Mr. Clean’s head (i.e. bald). Either way, you’re going to need some new tires. You could try to buy your own from a discount tire chain or big-box store, but if you want the right tires for the right prices, you should make Cool Green Auto your first stop.

Tire Services Shepherdstown WV

Remember our pothole example? Let’s say you got lucky this time and you only ran over a screw or nail, which has now punctured and become lodged in your tire. The tire experts at Cool Green Auto are here to help. So long as you’ve avoided sidewall damage, most tire punctures can be patched up, avoiding the need for one or more new tires. If you’ve noticed a slow leak, puncture, or damage to any of your tires, let our team of experts help decide the best course to take.

Wheel Alignment Near Me

The wheel alignment is the process of making sure your car’s tires and wheels are all perfectly in line with one another, and lined up straight with respect to the angle they hit the road. Keeping your wheels aligned helps not just with the driveability of the vehicle, but also with helping to make your tires wear more evenly. Tires with even wear need to be replaced less often, so regular wheel alignments are always a good idea.

Tire Services Near Me

When the rubber hits the road in Shepherdstown, WV, the best auto shop for tires, wheel alignments, and tire services is Cool Green Auto. Our team of tire experts can help with anything your car’s tires or wheels may need, and we back up all our work with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty. A quick fix, new tires, wheel alignments – Cool Green Auto does it all. Make an appointment today.

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