BrakesThe brakes are the most essential safety feature your vehicle has. Think about it: If you can’t stop or slow your car when it’s in motion, none of the airbags or other safety features are going to mean much. If you are rolling around the streets of Shepherdstown, WV, you want your vehicle, its inhabitants, and everyone else on the road to be safe, right? The only way to give yourself that peace of mind is by keeping up with regular brake repair in Shepherdstown, WV, or services from the brake experts at Cool Green Auto.

Brake Service Shepherdstown WV

At Cool Green Auto in Shepherdstown, WV, we believe that keeping your brakes in great working order starts with preventative maintenance. Recommendations on when to get your brakes serviced and checked out vary wildly from mechanic to mechanic, but a good rule of thumb is to have your brakes looked at about once a year. During this service, we check your entire braking system, from the rotors to the calipers to the brake pads or shoes. The pads or shoes are the pieces that require replacement most often, and driving too long on worn components can cause serious damage to your braking system. Before that happens, get your car into Cool Green Auto for a brake check-up.

Brake Repair Shepherdstown WV

Maybe you went a little too long without brake service and now you’re beginning to notice some issues. Maybe you hear a squealing or grinding when you depress the brake pedal. Maybe you’ve noticed your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor or you’ve noticed a burning smell. All these are indicators you are in need of brake repair. With brakes, as with most other automotive issues, small problems can become big ones overnight, so don’t delay in getting your car into the bays at Cool Green Auto for brake repair today.

Brake Repair Near Me

With Cool Green Auto and brake repair in Shepherdstown, WV, you’ve got nothing to lose. We can provide a free 15 point no-wrench inspection to pinpoint any issues you may have, and if you do need repairs or service, we back up our work with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty on all parts and labor. Do not put off service or repair to your car’s most important safety feature; make a brake service or repair appointment with the ASE certified technicians at Cool Green Auto today.

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