TransmissionWith more than 800 individual pieces, the transmission is the most complicated and intricate component in your vehicle. Responsible for changing your car’s gears as you gain or lose speed, the transmission is an essential part of your engine’s operation. Whether you drive a standard manual transmission vehicle or a car with an automatic transmission, making sure this system is in good working order should be top of mind for all Shepherdstown, WV, drivers. If your car needs transmission service or you’ve noticed some issues while changing gears, the ASE-certified pros at Cool Green Auto are here to help.

Transmission Service Shepherdstown WV

Luckily, your car’s transmission needs service far less than most other pieces of your vehicle. While most mechanics will spot-check your transmission during a yearly preventative maintenance check-up, scheduled service isn’t generally necessary until the 60,000-mile mark. When it is time for that service, though, our team will do a thorough inspection of your transmission, identifying any pieces that may need repair or replacement and predicting where problems might pop up before your next visit. Sticking with the scheduled service is the very best way to avoid transmission repair costs down the road, so if your car is due, bring it to Cool Green Auto today.

Transmission Repair Shepherdstown WV

When people think of transmission repair, one thing usually comes to mind: expense. Yes, transmission repairs can be among the most expensive car repairs out there, but know that if that time comes, you are in good hands with Cool Green Auto in Shepherdstown, WV. Why? Because our team of transmission experts can do it all – including flushes and rebuilds. Most auto repair shops aren’t up to snuff and won’t touch transmission rebuilds, flushes, and replacements with a ten-foot pole, so you know when you find a shop capable of providing these services, you are in good hands. So if you feel gears slipping, hear grinding noises when gears change, or find that your car doesn’t change gears quite like it used to, bring it to the transmission experts at Cool Green Auto. We’ll get you back on the road in no time.

Transmission Service Near Me

Whether it’s time for your scheduled transmission service or you’ve got transmission troubles, the transmission experts at Cool Green Auto are more than qualified to help. Our ASE-certified team of transmission experts can perform any service or repair a transmission might need, and very few auto repair shops can boast that fact. And you know the services and repairs will be done right, as we back up all our work with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty. If your transmission needs attention, trust the pros at Cool Green Auto.

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