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Steering and SuspensionPeople may not pay as much attention to the steering & suspension systems in their car as they would some of the more glamorous or flashy parts, but these two systems are as much responsible for the driveability of your vehicle as the engine or the brakes. By maximizing the friction between your tires and the road, the steering & suspension systems are all but in charge of how well your car handles. When these two systems have problems, you aren’t going to get very far at all. So if steering & suspension are on your mind, it’s time to give the ASE-certified pros at Cool Green Auto a call.

Steering & Suspension Service Shepherdstown WV

Knowing what these two systems actually do is important to understanding just why they are so essential to the way your vehicle handles. The suspension in your car, which is the interconnected system of tires, wheels, springs, and shocks that connect to your car’s wheels, allows for coordinated movements and motion between all these different components. The steering connects to the suspension, allowing the driver to control the car with the steering wheel. Any misalignment or damage to these delicate systems can throw off the entire series of interconnected systems and could lead to expensive repairs. Steering & suspension service is recommended about once a year, or your every fourth oil change. When your car is due, bring it to the pros at Cool Green Auto

Steering & Suspension Repair Shepherdstown WV

If you haven’t kept up with your steering & suspension service, it might not be long before you begin to notice problems. And problems with steering & suspension are immediately noticeable to anyone used to driving a particular vehicle. If your car becomes difficult or impossible to steer, you notice it pulls to one side, or that even one end or the other is “nose-diving,” there is a good chance your car’s steering & suspension need some attention. These problems don’t stay small for long, so at the first sign of steering & suspension issues, get your vehicle into the bays at Cool Green Auto.

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A steering & suspension problem could land you on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck to come and pick up your undrivable car. At Cool Green Auto in Shepherdstown, WV, we never want to see that happens. We are happy to have our team of ASE-certified mechanics check-up annually on your car’s steering & suspension and suggest any need repairs before small problems become big ones. And all our work is backed by our 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty, so you know the job will be done right the first time, every time. Make a steering & suspension appointment with Cool Green Auto today.

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