Oil Changes & Maintenance

Oil changes / MaintenanceWhen it comes to keeping your car on the road, the oil change is the single most important preventative maintenance you can have performed on your vehicle. This service, which is recommended for every 3,000 – 5,000 miles you drive, is, more than any other service, responsible for keeping your car’s engine humming like the day you first climbed behind the wheel. And you’ve seen them around – the chain oil change places that offer quick service. Don’t trust this essential work to just any shop; in Shepherdstown, WV, your one-stop-shop for oil changes and all preventative maintenance should be Cool Green Auto.

Oil Changes Shepherdstown WV

What actually happens when you bring your car in for an oil change? Our team of expert techs will remove the engine oil from your vehicle, and replace it with a fresh batch. We will also change your oil filter, as it can become clogged with dirt and debris between regular services. As your engine runs and the oil lubricates the moving parts, heat and friction break down the oil over time, which is why it requires replacement so often. It might sound like a simple process, maybe even one you could do yourself. This would be a mistake. Instead, trust your car’s oil changes to the oil change experts at Cool Green Auto.

Preventative Maintenance Shepherdstown WV

When it comes to all the other preventative maintenance and milestone check-ups your car will need over its lifetime, the pros at Cool Green Auto have you covered. We offer a full slate of automotive maintenance services, including:

  • Belt, fluids, & hoses checks
  • Transmission checks and flushes
  • Engine checks and rebuilds
  • Brake checks
  • Auto AC checks
  • Milestone services (30k, 60k, 90k mile maintenance)
  • And more!

When it comes to keeping your car running in great shape, keeping up with your preventative maintenance is the way to go. Our team of expert techs can work with you to set up a maintenance schedule, based on your car’s owner’s manual, to get you into the bays at the right times and mileages to keep things running great.

Oil Change Near Me

Keeping up with your car’s oil changes and preventative maintenance is honestly a gift you give yourself. For a few dollars and hours here and there, you can keep your car running in the way you expect, and you can help avoid costly repairs down the road. And you know any work done is done with confidence; we back up everything we do with a 3 year/36k mile warranty on all parts and services. If you want your car running the streets of Shepherdstown, WV for years to come, make an appointment for an oil change or preventative maintenance from Cool Green Auto today.

$29.95Conventional Oil Change

Includes 5 Quarts of Oil.


EXP 12-31-23

$49.95Full Synthetic Oil Change

Includes 5 Quarts of Oil.


EXP 12-31-23

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