DiagnosticsLet’s be honest: Absolutely no one knows your car as well as you do. You know every little quirk, down the silliest stuff. Things like knowing the seatbelt rubs when it’s not in the shoulder holster, or that the left front tire sensor is broken and will always read that tire as low. Whether or not you’ve thought about it, your car has a personality and when something is off, as the main driver, you tend to know it. If something does seem off, or worse, your check engine light has been activated, it might be time for the ASE-certified pros at Cool Green Auto in Shepherdstown, WV, to run computer diagnostics and figure out the problem.

Computer Diagnostics Shepherdstown WV

So when you bring your car in for computer diagnostics at Cool Green Auto, what exactly are we doing? We connect your car to our state-of-the-art computer diagnostics system and run a series of tests. Your car returns to us a series of codes, which explain the health of the various systems in the vehicle. This data allows us to easily see where the problem areas in the car might be, and often we can even predict problems that might pop up in the future. When you don’t know what the problem in your car might be, the simplest and best way to find the problem is with a computer diagnostic test from the pros at Cool Green Auto.

Check Engine Light Shepherdstown WV

Most drivers know the sinking feeling – you’re driving along and you notice your check engine light is activated. That indicator is a catch-all for a number of different problems under the hood, from transmission issues to ignition or even engine problems. It is impossible to know exactly what the problem might be on your own, so the answer obviously becomes a computer diagnostic test from Cool Green Auto. A lot of drivers see this light come on and ignore it. This is a mistake. Small problems can grow exponentially over time, so at the first warning of this dashboard signal, make sure you get your car into the bays at Cool Green Auto in Shepherdstown, WV for computer diagnostics.

Computer Diagnostics Near Me

If something is off in the car you know so well, or you’ve noticed that your check engine light is on, it is time to trust the ASE-certified experts at Cool Green Auto in Shepherdstown, WV to handle things. Our computer diagnostics team is second-to-none, and we back up all our work with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty on all parts and labor. Don’t ignore your vehicle’s issues until they become big, expensive problems – bring it in for computer diagnostics today.

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